Solar 4 Everyone!

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A 2-pronged attack on poverty and climate change

We are a Montana State University club that is waging a 2-pronged attack on poverty and climate change. Our mission is to make renewable energy affordable for as many people as possible.

1. For Homeless People: We are working with a group in Billings to plan out and build a Sustainable Village for homeless people that will include solar panels and food gardens to reduce operating costs and environmental impacts.

2. For Low-Income Homeowners: We are working on an application for the DOE Solar in Your Community Challenge, for which we need to find a creative way to make solar energy accessible to low-income people. Our idea is to have people get training as solar installers by installing for free on the roofs of low-income people. This way, both the trainees and the homeowners benefit.

3. For Businesses and Workers: We are working to support the net metering bill by gathering signatures and collecting information on how many companies would buy solar arrays or expand their current ones if the cap on net metering was lifted to include systems above 50kw, in order to show that many jobs would be created because it would grow Montana's solar industry enormously.

4. We stand with Standing Rock. After Trump's executive order to allow construction of DAPL to proceed, we will likely be going back at some point, so stay posted!

5. We want to expand outside of Montana. We would love people to start up permanent S4E chapters in other cities, states, and schools, be it in the form of high school, college, or community groups. Contact us if you are interested, and we will help you.

If you would like to join S4E or help in any way, please contact [email protected] Thank you!

Also check out our Facebook page