Solar 4 Everyone!

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A 2-pronged attack on poverty and climate change

We are a Montana State University club with the goal of fighting poverty and climate change. Here are some of our projects:

Past Projects (all of which failed)

1. Organizing a transcontinental relay from Boston to Oakland to raise money for GRID Alternatives, which installs solar panels for low-income people in Colorado, California, and New York

2. Collecting signatures for Montana's I-180 ballot initiative to transition to 80% renewable energy by 2050

3. Stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline

Current projects

We are now participating in the Department of Energy's Solar in Your Community Challenge. Our program involves using trainee and volunteer labor to help make solar installations affordable for nonprofits and low-income people. Potential installations include the Missoula Food Bank, the Billings Food Bank, and low-income households on the Crow Reservation. 

We are also hoping to start up some solar training programs through schools in which students will install for nonprofits and low-income people so that they will get job training and the clients will get affordable solar energy. As you can see, we have failed a lot more than we've succeeded, but maybe with your help that could change.

If you would like to join S4E or help in any way, please contact [email protected] Thank you!

Also check out our Facebook page

We also want to expand outside of Montana. We would love people to start up permanent S4E chapters in other cities, states, and schools, be it in the form of high school, college, or community groups. Contact us if you are interested, and we will help you.